I can confidently say that Dr. Horseman gave me my life back. I am a former Ontario bobsleigh athlete with 9 bobsleigh crashes at 120km with a 200kg sled on my head, and it completely changed my life. For years I attempted to get help from concussion specialists, physiologists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other practitioners without resolve.

I was able to function, but over time my condition began to deteriorate, resulting in unwanted muscle movement, vision issues, depression, and overall losing my zest for life. I got an MRI back with lesions on my brain, but no follow up and am still waiting on an appointment to see a neurologist to this day. I thought my life, and independence, were over.

I consulted with alternative practitioners including a naturopath who wanted to charge $3500 to put me on a course that would go over toxin testing, water filtration, etc, but I had become aware of the treatments Dr. Horseman offered through educational seminars and decided to speak with him. Within a few weeks I flew to his clinic and began treatment. He performed an Xray and found that in addition to concussion complications my neck ligaments were torn and my brain was off centre – so we got to work resolving that as well as testing and direct treatment with brain wave therapy.

To say the results were incredible is an understatement; my life has completely changed. My balance and sight improved within days, and my mood and cognition have continued to get better following treatment. One of the things I thought would happen is that I would be told to quit drinking; and in fact I noticed one of the side effects is that I no longer get any hangover symptoms – even red wine, which would result in such intense hangovers that required me to abstain, is not a problem for me anymore. In particular my sight has seen the most improvement, and I consider the impact of not being able to see on my cognition and driving and that the limitations of my processing were undetected for months, resulting in increasing frustration, anxiety, and depression. I think of how grateful I am that I avoided accepting medication and persisted to find this treatment, and how wonderful Dr. Horseman and his team have been in helping me find real relief. I am looking forward to seeing him in Calgary this fall.


I wanted to take the time to thank you all! Not just for today but for everything you all have done for me thus far. I have definitely had a rough go with some things in my life and knowing your there to try and do whatever you can help me tremendously. You are all very caring people and it shows. Best clinic I’ve ever stepped into.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


You guys are awesome! Without you and my brain injury therapy, I’d still be uncoordinated, unable to bear my headaches and shoulder/ arm pain from whiplash and bicep tears…you help me overcome those daily issues and know when not to push beyond my boundaries. You treat us like family, thank you.

When I was a teenager I was involved in a severe car accident that resulted in multiple injuries and chronic pain; therefore leading to sleepless nights. I gave up on all sports and anything fun, afraid of hurting myself worse. I devoted all my time and attention to appointments and therapy which had ultimately started to run my life.

Now 10 years post accident having had countless MRI’s, x-rays, ultrasounds and CT-scans along with physiotherapy, massage, cranial sacral, myofascial release, medications even acupuncture and nerve block injections. I was trying just about anything and everything to try and manage my pain. Most attempts failed and few provided temporary relief. I began feeling helpless as I was looking to the future of getting married and starting a family; I want to be able to run and play with my children.

In the early months of 2011, I met Dr. Horseman for the first time at a bridal show. I was a little skeptical but finally decided to ask some questions. He explained the layout of the clinic where everything is set up in stations so there is no wait time for your appointment. It was also explained to me how important posture is for everyone not only those who have been injured, and the great benefits that can be achieved by having proper posture. I agreed to have an assessment; what could I lose? I had tried everything else…

When I walked into the Posture Clinic I was greeted by friendly staff that did not pressure me and actually listened to what I had to say. I met with Dr. Horseman again and for the first time, I had someone explain to me ‘Here is your pain…This is why… and these are the steps we are going to take to help manage and hopefully eliminate your pain’. I was impressed and I was finally given some answers.

The posture clinic for me has been a great and beneficial experience after my first few visits I had relief. I couldn’t remember what that felt like. Pains that I would never have associated with posture where manageable, I was finally able to sleep the whole night without pain interfering. Now that I am able to move around a lot better I can do more. I now stand taller with a sense of being centered, making me feel better about myself and not so limited.

This would not have been possible had I not received help from the staff at the Posture Clinic. They are well educated, professional and always willing to help. We work at my comfort level and I am supplied with all the tools and information needed to maintain proper posture. I can now keep my pain in control, instead of letting it controlling me.

I first came here unable to move. My joints were sore and my hips were crooked,I shuffled when I walked and I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Now I have an improved quality of life and am able to get up and down without assistance, I sleep well and I have minimal pain.
HELEN, Age 67
When I first came here I was unable to square dance which I have done for years, I couldn’t get out or into my car properly. I also couldn’t bend over to pick-up anything. Now I am back to square-dancing and able to get up and down easily. I am also able stand up without assistance.
EILEEN, Age 72
I was unable to sit, stand, walk or lay down. I had spent the last two years on the couch. I had been using a walker, taking 14 Percocet, 95mg of Morphine daily as well as Ativan. Within 2 months I was off my walker, by 2 ½ months was off my cane and by 3 months I was walking on my own. Now I am back to work full-time, dancing and walking 4 miles per day, 3 times per week

When I first came here I was in severe pain and could hardly walk. Since coming here for laser therapy and spinal decompression I have cut down on my pain killers 50%

RON, Age 72

Your style of Chiropractic plus the care and concern for every aspect of the healing process, set my recovery in process

I wanted to tell you that your practice healed my back. Ten years of your style of Chiropractic plus the care and concern for every aspect of the healing process, set my recovery in process. When we began working together I had severe lower lumbar pain, mid back numbness and cervical 4-5 ad 5-6 degeneration plus complete lack of feeling in the the nape of my neck. This due to may many years of competitive wrestling.

Today I live in London Ontario, as I have for the past 10 years andI visit a chiropractor once every 4 to 8 weeks strictly for maintenance. No pain, no restrictions to movement and absolutely no sensory numbness.

I owe you a tremendous amount of thanks, you have my appreciation and total respect.

Thank you!

Eric Fobert

I made rapid improvements.

I first came to the clinic almost 3 months ago, with a balance issue that had spiraled so out of control that I could barely walk across the street. Although my MD had referred me to an ENT specialist, apparently I would have to wait 7 months for an appointment! As I increasingly experienced restrictions to living my normal everyday life, feelings of isolation and anxiety also increased. So at the suggestion of a friend, I finally made an appointment with the Posture Clinic to see Dr. Ian Horseman.

When I first met Dr. Ian, I was amazed at his powers of observation. He quickly observed the subtleties of my symptoms, like how I stood, and how my eyes moved etc… and with his knowledge of functional neurology was able to give insight into the nature of my condition as well as offer a clear plan of treatment. For the first time in many years, I felt…hope.

Each time I came to the clinic I was welcomed by a cheerful staff, who helped create the warmth of a positive, relaxing atmosphere.

And under Dr. Ian’s supervision (and with his suggestions for things I could also do at home), I made rapid improvements. With each improvement, he readjusted the treatment to allow for even further improvements.

I’m happy to say, I now have my life back.

Thank you Dr. Ian. I am sincerely and forever grateful to you for all that you and your staff have done to restore ‘balance’ to my life. You are wonderful and I have nothing but good things to say about you.

Noreen Hickey

“Blown Away”

Dr. Ian, As I said yesterday, I have to keep reminding myself how far I’ve come in the past year. I was really reminded of this yesterday when I saw Tyler again. He was there last year when I started seeing you last May which would have been when I was at my worst. When Tyler saw me yesterday he was “blown away” (to use his words) at how much I have improved. I was overwhelmed by his reaction and it really hit home how far I’ve come. I obviously know there have been changes but as I improve I have a “new norm” and it is easy to forget what it was like before (which is a good thing I think). I don’t want to remember what it was like nor do I want to go back to a year ago. I still have a long way to go but am certainly moving in the right direction.

I’d also like to say how wonderful all of your staff are. They are most welcoming, friendly and accommodating. Traveling to Peterborough every month has its challenges but well worth it in every sense. I’d like to thank you also for your dedication and help. It means so much to me that you “take me” with you when you meet with the doctors in the states. I’m getting far more results from you than I have from any other form of treatment.


Life’s too short not to take opportunities

Today’s events have culminated in my need to drop you this note. The real purpose of this correspondence is to thank-you. Actually to thank-you, Linda, Moe, and Lynda! You need to know that the remarkable levels of kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness, combined with the stellar level of expertise and knowledge of your establishment, make it second to none. No one attending your clinic could ever feel they’re left adrift. You all ensure the contrary! Life’s too short not to take the opportunity to relay such well-deserved and sincere praise as well as our heartfelt gratitude. You all make every effort to honour your mission statement painted on the wall! So- again-thank-you.


One Step Closer to Wellness

The journey to meeting Dr. Ian began about two years ago. Two years ago, out of the blue, I lost a significant amount of hearing in my right ear. I went the traditional route of getting a referral to an ENT and an MRI to rule out a tumor. The ENT diagnosed me with Idiopathic Sudden Sensory Neuro Hearing Loss. I wasn’t happy with the outcome of that appointment and assessment so I consulted with my naturopath. I’ve always been open to alternative medicine. My naturopath ordered in special injections from Germany to help restore the nerve damage and hopefully restore some hearing loss. The outcome of that was positive until I started dealing with a lot of inner ear and congestion issues. My hearing deteriorated again. At that point, I started acupuncture and had some success with that. Along the way, I started to suffer from balance issues and vertigo. My symptoms were debilitating at times; often resulting in me staying in bed all day, nauseous, and throwing up. I went to my family physician who prescribed “SERC”. The side effects of this drug were worse than the actual symptoms so I stopped taking the medication after less than a week.

Dr. Ian was referred to me by my chiropractor in Mississauga. They seemed quite convinced that he could help me. My quality of life was diminishing every day. At this point, a 4 hour round trip drive was worth it to me. My first visit with Dr. Ian was in June 2013. My case proved to be more complicated than first anticipated. As a result of this, I needed to make the commitment to be in Peterborough once a month. Dr. Ian has made significant progress with me. He has helped alleviate my symptoms to the point that driving has become easier, and I’m able to get through a Yoga Flow class without getting dizzy and sick. I’m still waiting for another MRI to assist in determining root cause, but every neuro functional test that I receive and the subsequent exercises puts me one step closer to wellness.

E.Z. – Toronto, Ontario

I Now Have Hope
In May 2011, I was involved in a motor vehicle collision; I was extricated from the car by firefighters and was first transported to a local hospital then onto St. Michael’s Hospital. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and had a compressed disc in my T2/T3 thoracic region that was against my spine.

Treatment focused on the brain injury and very little was done to treat the constant back and neck pain. Since the incident took place in a work-related vehicle, I had the not so pleasurable experience to work with WSIB. At the time of the accident, I loved the job I was doing working in law enforcement. I was in great shape, both mentally and physically and at 40 years old had everything in place with a wife and son. WSIB played on my desire to return to work and in less than a year from the date of the accident, I was back at work, working 12 -hour shifts. You would think that would be good news. It was the worst thing that could have happened. The pain became unbearable on my back and I resorted to self- medicating with anything I could find to get through the day. I felt very nauseated anytime I was driving and would get severe headaches.

After numerous physiotherapy sessions and two spine specialists saying they couldn’t operate to move the disc off of the spine, I was left with the notion that I would be on pain killers for the rest of my life and would have to live with it. I had no support from my work place, as on the outside I looked normal. I was beginning to lose everything and for the first time ever in my life, I thought about ending it.

My Occupational Therapist referred me to Doctor Horseman and the Posture Clinic. When I first walked in I had my doubts, I mean what was a chiropractor going to do for me. As I was filling out the paper work, I noticed the writing on the wall in the clinic. “Give Hope, Exceed Expectations, Empower Patients”. At that time in my life, I had nothing to lose, but I had little to no hope, no expectations and I certainly did not feel empowered.

Doctor Horseman sent me for X-Rays on the head and neck and did his own tests. He was able to determine that I had a mismatch in eye movements, which was causing nausea while driving and determined that the muscles in the neck and back had been strained and damaged in the collision from the force of the impact. Nothing other than painkillers would temporarily ease the pain. Doctor Horseman asked me to give him a chance to see if he could make things better, it would be a slow process but was confident he could make life a little bit better for me. I had nothing to lose.

I have been seeing Doctor Horsemen for about six months; he has been working on not only my brain injury and mismatched eye movements but also my T2/T3 disc injury. I am feeling stronger and now feel in control of my life and my rehabilitation. I am no longer self-medicating or relying on painkillers and have been able to get control of my life. I still have a way to go but I am continuing my progress. I now have Hope and have Exceeded Expectations with more to conquer. I am feeling empowered to do what I never thought I would ever be able to do, it is fun to do the impossible.

Mike S. – Peterborough, Ontario

My Life Has Changed Drastically

Before I started treatment at the Posture Clinic I had had 4 or 5 concussions starting 4 years back. I would have constant headaches all day every day, some of them feeling like I was being stabbed continuously in the head. I couldn’t concentrate in school or other activities, therefore, my grades were negatively affected by it. I would have mood swings that were so bad that I could be fine one moment to being mad and then cry the next just from one comment by someone. Every aspect of my life was changed by having these concussions and letting them build up until it was something I couldn’t deal with anymore.

I have now been a patient of the Posture Clinic for a year and a half and from then on the quality of my life has changed drastically. I am now able to function on an everyday basis without getting any headaches or feeling concussion symptoms at all. I never gave up any sports I played (they were all full contact) and have never had to sacrifice anything I want to do for recovery. Without Dr. Horseman and his staff at the Posture Clinic I would not able to live my life how I want to without giving up many aspects that make me who I am.

Melissa H. – Peterborough, Ontario

It’s Worth The Drive To Peterborough!

Chiropractic Neurology: A Reason For Hope (It’s Worth The Drive To Peterborough!) How did I find out about this you ask? Well my sister has dealt with some very difficult yet undiagnosed health issues over the past few years, and she found Dr. Ian through many years of trying to regain her quality of life from issues like vertigo, disorientation, hearing loss, tinnitus, etc. She had all the medical and neurological tests done known to man, which, with the exception of her hearing, all showed “normal.” Always the researcher and determined to get better, my sister ended up having her first visit with Dr. Ian in summer of 2013, and she had mentioned to the family that her quality of life has increased significantly since then. So I called my sister and asked if I could go with her to the next visit, which is just over a 90 minute drive from where we live. Truth be told, I really was not sure how a chiropractor would be able to help me, but I know my sister, and if Dr. Ian helped her that much, it was definitely worth trying.

Jennifer D. – Toronto, Ontario