Integrated Brain Therapy Certification
Lead Trainer: Dr. Ian Horseman

The biggest problem in the way our medical community treats patients is that most practitioners have been taught to focus solely on the localized issue: I.e.: you have lower back pain so we’ll treat the lower back. You have a stomach problem, we’ll treat the stomach.

While this may work, it’s far from the complete holistic approach to solving the issue and to promote overall health and wellness.

At the Brain Therapy Clinic, we look at things like lower back issues very differently. We know that the impact of the injury reaches all the way to the brain through loss of proprioception and diaschisis. We often can detect a subsequent decrease in muscle tone in the affected area.

The Integrated Brain Therapy Series is an advanced training course that helps you learn how to identify the involved pathways and subsequent brain functional lesions.  We will teach you the practical ability to influence and help the body correct the faulty communication between itself and the brain.

The relationship between the brain and body becomes part of a patient’s healing, and if ignored, the person may never fully recover or repeat the injury.

In this certification you will learn about:

  • The brain-body connection and how they interact with each other
  • Diagnostics and therapies for conditions such as concussions, vertigo, and headaches
  • The brain’s primary functions of posture, balance, and gait with emphasis on clinical skills
  • The diagnosis and treatments for the lobes of the brain
  • Eye movements and their integral role in diagnosing and treating brain pathologies
  • And much more!

Our modules are designed with the concept that you will review basic neuroanatomy and physiology prior to attending in order for the modules to be clinically practical.

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Are you a doctor, medical practitioner and/or offer medical support in this profession?

The Integrated Brain Therapy Certification may be the next evolution for you and your clinic to help your patients heal.

How to earn your Integrated Brain Therapy Certification

The Certification includes four comprehensive modules:

Upcoming Seminars In 2023-2024

IBT Peterborough Seminar Series

(2-Day Intensive)

$550 To Register 

$600 At The Door

Saturday, April 13, 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday, April 14, 9 am – 1 pm

Attendance is limited

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2023 Seminar Dates: Functional Neurology – October 14-15th, 2023
Brain – November 18-19th, 2023
Therapies for Common Conditions – March 2-3rd, 2024
In-Class Clinical Examples and Vision – April 13-14th, 2024
Locations: Peterborough  The Brain Therapy Clinic
346 Charlotte Street, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 2V9 Canada

Certification Outline:

We are excited to present a new four-module seminar series in Peterborough October 14-15th, 2023.
We have combined advanced diagnosis and treatment for many neurological conditions such as concussions, balance and vertigo issues as well as movement disorders within each module with particular emphasis on the brain stem-cerebellum and lobes of the brain!
The seminar series will contain new information including:
  • Neurological based adjusting
  • Nutrition for neurology
  • AK muscle testing
  • Updates on concussion management and research
  • More bedside diagnostics as well as many new effective in improving therapies

Module 1 – Introduction to Neurology (2-Day Intensive)

The practice of functional neurology spans multiple disciplines including chiropractic, psychology, conventional medicine, optometry, audiology, and physical and occupational therapies.

  1. Key differences in Chiropractic Functional Neurologist and Conventional Medical Neurologist
  • What is it?
  • Chiropractic Functional Neurologist
  • Conventional Medical Neurologist
  1. Benefits
  •  Training with a Functional Neurologist
  •  Neurological performance.
  • Improving the quality of life
Dr. Ian Horseman
Dr. Ian Horseman
Looking for more detailed information on the seminars? Send me an email.

Module 2 – The Brain Cortex and IBT (Cerebellum) (2-Day Intensive)

1.Basic overview of Module 1: Introduction to Neurology →

2. Balance

  • Bipedal importance and cost
  • Assessment of static and dynamic balance
  • Therapies and their practical application

3. Posture

  • Neurological assessment
  • Posture Correction System
  • Neuromuscular re-education

4. Gait

  • Assessment/analysis
  • Breakdown of gait patterning
  • Gait rehabilitation protocols

5. Movement Disorders

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinsons
  • Dystonia

6. Diagnosis and Rehab of the lobes of the brain

  • Frontal, Temporal, Parietal, Occipital
  • Lobular metrics
  • Lobe-specific treatments

7. Management and treatment of Concussions

  • Baseline
  • Whiplash vs concussion
  • Return to Play / School Protocols
  • Treatment of the post-concussion syndrome

Module 3- The Brain-Body Connection (2 Day- Intensive)

1. Brain Plasticity

  • How the brain can heal and rewire itself
  • How the brain learns
  • Neuron theory and practical applications


  • How one damaged area of the body or brain effects another and the clinical applications

3. De-afferentation

  • Diagnose forward head posture and other forms of proprioceptive loss
  • Brain-body therapies to re-establish neurological signals

4. The flow of information from body to brain-brain to body

  • Information pathways from Body→ Brain and Brain→ Body
  • Clinical considerations and therapies

5. Cerebellum

  • Role in balance
  • Connection to digestion
  • Cortical connections
  • Specific diagnostics
  • Proven therapies

6. Diagnosing body movements

  • Isolating body movements for brain diagnosis
  • Using SMT based on metrics

7. Neurological based SMT

  • Vault for ANS
  • Demo and practice

8. Stack vs Unstacked Lesion

  • Meaning and importance
  • Blindspots
  • Assessing
  • Interpretation
  • Therapies
  • Cerebellar involvement
  • Treatments

9. ANS – Get your patient ready for treatment

  • Blood flow
  • Mesencephalic sensitivity
  • Impact of ANS on function
  • Treatment for hyper-sympathetic syndrome

10. Metabolic Capacity

  • What to watch for
  • Therapies to increase

Module 4 – The Eyes (2 Day- Intensive)

  • Eyes
    • Learn how eyes can be used to improve posture, gait and balance
  • Eye Movements
    • Assessment
    • Measurement
    • Gaze hold, Pursuits, Saccades, OPK’s
    • Convergence Protocols
    • Hands-on Therapies
  • Maddox Rod
    • Assessment of eye torsion and dysmetria
    • Treatment
  • Eyelights
    • Assessment
    • Function
    • Recommendations
  • Collicular Mapping
    • Restoring altered visual mapping
  • Focus Builder APP
    • Therapies: Pursuits, saccades, OPK, Gaze hold

Certification:  The Integrated Brain Therapy Certification is awarded upon successful completion of all 4 modules and a 70% + on the exam.

Here is what your peers have to say about Integrated Brain Therapy Training:

Thank you Ian.  My patients are loving all this stuff. Many of them are getting better when in the past they were just leveling out.  I am excited like a small kid with the toy, I cant wait to learn more!
Dr. Vyalcheskav Borisenko
This seminar series has expanded my understanding of when to adjust and why.  Also very importantly I have a much better idea about when not to adjust a brain-injured patient. There is an excellent rapport between instructors and students. My confidence and competence keep growing. Bravo!
Dr. Peter Gaibisels

Wow, this seminar blew my mind!  This is the seminar that really tied everything together for me.  Integrates neurology and chiropractic with very logical assessment and treatment protocols that all chiropractors should incorporate into their practices immediately.  Couldn’t get enough and can’t wait for the next module!

Dr. Derek

The information that I learn a the seminar is extremely valuable. Dr. Horseman and Dr. Jaillet relayed the information in a clear and professional manner and you are able to use what you have learned right away.

Dr. Daugherty

Great seminar, a lot of new information from previous seminars, Ian teaches the neuro in an easy to learn format, very easy to implement into your practice.

Dr. Kevin

I have been through other neurology seminar and spent thousands of dollars leaving with little clinical relevance.  After being through the seminar series with Dr. Ian and Dr. Peter, I have learned more than any other neurological seminars combined but more importantly the ability to apply the knowledge and make it applicable therapies for my patients on Monday.

I now have patients travelling from long distance to see me and I am getting attention from my medical peers. I am now seeing MDs and their families!! These seminars are a “no brainer” and a must if you’re serious about integrated neurology in your clinic.

Dr. Ed Corello

A great seminar to increase skills to help patients.

Dr. Blake Broker

If you are a chiropractor who knows we work with the nervous system but are a little on the academic vs. application – This seminar is for you. You learn+ you do. Take home skills are the most important part.

Dr. Marco Caravaggio

The Integrated Brain Therapy modules teaches in a way that makes it much easier to understand functional neurology and also applicable to daily practice

Dr. James Fung

I am always looking for the next great course and I found it in Dr. Ian Horseman’s Integrated Brain Therapy modules. I believe brain injuries/ concussions are the next frontiers for Chiropractic;  Dr. Ian Horseman is on the cusp of new and emerging research, treatment techniques and the equipment to standardize his method. I found the course provided in-depth practical knowledge of the brain and its pathways without overcomplicating or becoming overwhelmed. He gave us assessment tools that can be readily used in the office immediately and ample practice time to ensure we grasped the correct concepts.  More importantly, we had live examples and saw the immediate and lasting results from his method. If you are looking to revolutionize your practice and help a vast population of people from concussions to Parkinson’s look no further. I would highly recommend this seminar series.

Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls

The seminar is very engaging and the material presented is clinically relevant.

Dr. Adib Ashraf

Taking Dr. Horseman’s seminars is the best continuing education I have taken since graduating 13 years ago. He makes learning neurology applicable to everyday practice and seeing results with patients that seemed to have plateaued and amazing results with concussion patients. I have recommended these seminars to all my associates and will continue to refer to fellow colleagues.

Dr. Nicole Fox

The Integrated Brain Therapy modules have made Functional Neurology real, understandable and, most importantly, applicable. My community has benefited not only in that I can help my regular chiropractic patients get better results, but in that, I’ve helped many concussion and other more neurologically based patients with the framework I learned at the modules.

Dr. Adam Bletsoe

About your lead trainer:

Dr. Ian Horseman has been researching and practicing Integrated Brain Therapy for 23 years. As a clinic owner and educator in Posture Correction, Pediatrics, Scoliosis, and integrated brain therapy. Dr. Horseman has trained thousands of health professionals, shared his findings and research on hundreds of stages across Canada and the USA such as Keynote for the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), Lead Instructor Pettibon Institute and lead instructor for the Storz Shockwave Therapy training tour. Some recognize Dr. Horseman as the founder and publisher of Canadian Chiropractor which he sold in 1998. Dr. Horseman continues to be contracted by clinics to train Chiropractors on Practice Management. Dr. Horseman also holds certifications on the Pettibon technique & Traumatic Brain Injury via the Carrick Institute.

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  • If you are a Canadian based business (excluding Quebec)
  • If you have 2 million in insurance
  • If you have WSIB and/or are exempt
  • If you have employees

You may qualify to get a refund on this training!

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