Our Approach to Scoliosis Therapy

For the past 20 years, we have researched and collaborated with some of the top non-surgical scoliosis centers in the world to develop a proven treatment protocol for the correction and management of scoliosis.

We have recently added an integrated brain based therapy that addresses one of the main contributing factors to scoliosis, which is loss of muscle tone of one side of the spine from a neurological feedback loop which decreases activity with one of the brain hemispheres.

The concept is to restore the lateral (looking from your side) curves in the neck and low back, which helps to stop further growth of the sideways scoliotic curves.

We then focus on leveling out the pelvis using neuro-muscular retraining and core stabilization exercises, which results in reduction in the lower lumbar (low back curve).

We also utilize spinal decompression to reduce pressure on the spinal cord, which we refer to as “cord tension”, which is, perhaps, the main factor for resistance to spinal curve correction, as the brain constantly monitors and protects the integrity of the spinal cord.

The next focus is then leveling the shoulders and dealing with the rotation of the ribs, which is critical in the larger scoliotic curves (over 35 degrees) as this is the primary cause of organ compression.

Our next step is to reduce the upper lateral scoliotic curve between your shoulder blades (although this is what most clinics worry about and focus on first with typically little result).

We then continue to focus on the postural musculature to strengthen and re-enforce the gains made. We typically see a patient until they reach spinal maturity.

We have a screening process for younger patients to see if you will benefit from this advanced treatment and we usually recommend a trial period to determine if the patient keeps the scheduled appointments and is compliant with the home exercise, which ensure success.

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