I’m happy to say my shoulder is 100% thanks to the care and treatment I received.  Please give a special thanks to Allison for the shockwave treatments.  Without those and the gentle adjustments by Dr. Horseman, I’m sure I would still be living in constant pain with limited mobility.  You don’t know how debilitating pain and limited mobility is until you regain what you’ve lost!

Thank you again!  I will not hesitate to come back as needed or to recommend The Posture Clinic!!!


You guys are awesome! Without you and my brain injury therapy, I’d still be uncoordinated, unable to bear my headaches and shoulder/ arm pain from whiplash and bicep tears…you help me overcome those daily issues and know when not to push beyond my boundaries. You treat us like family, thank you.


I first came here unable to move. My joints were sore and my hips were crooked,I shuffled when I walked and I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. Now I have an improved quality of life and am able to get up and down without assistance, I sleep well and I have minimal pain.


I was unable to sit, stand, walk or lay down. I had spent the last two years on the couch. I had been using a walker, taking 14 Percocet, 95mg of Morphine daily as well as Ativan. Within 2 months I was off my walker, by 2 ½ months was off my cane and by 3 months I was walking on my own. Now I am back to work full-time, dancing and walking 4 miles per day, 3 times per week


When I first came here I was in severe pain and could hardly walk. Since coming here for laser therapy and spinal decompression I have cut down on my pain killers 50%


When I first came here I was unable to square dance which I have done for years, I couldn’t get out or into my car properly. I also couldn’t bend over to pick-up anything. Now I am back to square-dancing and able to get up and down easily. I am also able stand up without assistance.


I wanted to take the time to thank you all! Not just for today but for everything you all have done for me thus far. I have definitely had a rough go with some things in my life and knowing your there to try and do whatever you can help me tremendously. You are all very caring people and it shows. Best clinic I’ve ever stepped into.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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