Are you ready to reduce your symptoms and return to the best you?

The first step in any treatment protocol is to find the starting line. We work with you to find the area of your brain that is not functioning to its best ability, create a plan, and get you feeling better.

We will look at various aspects of your injury to create a personalized protocol to help you return to the best you. The initial visits typically consists of:

  • Your injury history – what happened, when, et cetera…
  • Baseline testing – where are you now? What are your deficits?
    • This usually takes about 3 visits to pin point where your issue is
  • Simple treatment – some light therapy to help you feel even a little better

You might be wondering, “Why would it take 3 visits to figure out why I feel this way?” The reason we spread it out is because testing can be exhausting and aggravate your symptoms.  We do not want to make you feel worse, when you ‘crash’ we understand this fatigue can last for days following the visit. Also, when your brain fatigues it does not act like itself, this creates unusable test results.  We would rather do some testing and treatment each visit to make sure you leave feeling no worse than when you arrived.

Your treatment plan: After our testing is finished we compile our results and analyze where in your brain the issue is. We then create goals with you, and develop a custom therapy plan.

Most plans will include:

  • Personalized home exercises
  • Specific, graduated therapies
  • Equipment and constant instruction

When you’re at our clinic everything we do is done for s reason specific to you.  Each therapy is tailored for your issue: tested, applied, and re-tested to ensure we are benefitting your brain.

What you will need is different than anyone else,
and this customization is integral to your recovery.

A Typical Visit

At the start of each visit we often perform a sequence of testing that is similar each time.  This sequence is to get your brain ready! To help your brain make sure you are hydrated and have eaten a quality meal before coming for each treatment.

As you start to improve, your therapies will change.  We continuously challenge your brain in order to improve and take advantage of neuroplastic changes.

A typical home exercise program will consist of:

  • Balance exercises
  • A few specific eye exercises
  • Gait retraining
  • Spinal moulding
  • Eyelights Therapy

This page shows a snap shot into what to expect at our clinic. We empathize with you and understand your symptoms like no one else truly can. 

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