Do you get pain in the heel of your foot? Does it radiate towards your toes or up your calf?

Plantar fasciitis is painful condition that can easily be treated. When you’re on your feet all day you wear out the complex array of tissues underneath the skin of your feet.  When this tissue, the fascia, becomes inflamed you feel the painful, radiating sensation in your heel and even towards your toes.

Shockwave therapy has been researched and shown to have a success rate of 34-88%. However, with our comprehensive approach including shockwave, home exercises, and personalized instruction our results have often exceeded the research.

Have you had x-rays that show a heel spur? Were you told nothing could be done?

Heel spurs can occur when plantar fasciitis has been left untreated.  Heel spurs or bone hooks that have formed downward from your heel and produce a sharp pain in your heel every time your take a step.  Heel spurs are more difficult to treat and often take longer than plantar fasciitis, however we have seen individuals achieve pain relief!

We have had great success with plantar fasciitis and hope you take the next step to relieving your pain.

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