Technology is a hard thing to give up even for a few hours and for a lot of people, it’s just impossible. Depending if your job requires you to be on your phone, using the computer or looking at an electronic, taking a digital detox might be just right for you. Did you know that electronics give off a blue light and could be the reason why your anxiety has increased, why you wake up with headaches or even why you can’t sleep at all?

What is a digital detox?

A digital detox isn’t complicated, doesn’t require a lot of steps or even a lot of effort… it’s just a challenge requires to unplug from all electronics. This is to help become less stressed and reconnect with family, friends or even have a self-care day.

How would a digital detox help me?

By unplugging the wifi or turning off your phone you’re able to reconnect to the things you have been placing on the back burner for a while. Doing a digital detox will help unwind, relax and reduce the stress that could be causing neck and shoulder pain. Doing a digital detox can be once a month or even a daily routine.

The blue light in electronics can cause insomnia, headaches and maybe explain why your anxiety has increased.

Here are a few tips on how to start your digital detox.

Step 1: Turn off all electronics. I.e. cell phone, tablet, television or simply turn off the wifi.
Step 2: Pick up a book, do a craft, play a board game with family
Step 3: Continue to do the digital detox for a day or weekend

Daily Detox

If your job requires you to be on a computer, phone or other electronics you might want to consider a daily digital detox or set unreachable times.

  • Limit the time: Adding a time limit on social media apps such as email, messages or social media platforms on your phone.
    • There is an app on phones that tells you how long you’ve been on your phone for that day.week. What apps do you use the most and how many times you pick up your phone a day.
  • Unwind at bedtime: Turning off your cell phone up to 2 hours before bed helps your body and mind unwind. Trying this a few nights in a row you will be able to see a difference in the hours you’re sleeping, your mood the next day and productivity.
  • No tech zones: Establishing areas where technology is a huge NOPE helps with the temptation of not touching your phone.