Dr. Horseman, an experienced chiropractor at the Brain Therapy Clinic, discussed at a seminar a critical, yet often overlooked aspect of post-operative or post-injury rehabilitation – brain reconnection and remapping.

Proprioception and Its Role in Movement

Proprioception is a key principle that governs our ability to move and interact with our surroundings. Proprioception refers to our brain’s ability to perceive the position and movement of our body parts accurately, thus enabling precise coordination of our movements.

In his talk, Dr. Horseman emphasized the significance of the 40 to one, input-to-output ratio in proprioception. This ratio underscores the importance of sensory input in our ability to effectively coordinate and control our movements.

Post-Operative Challenges: Knee Replacement Surgery

As an illustration, Dr. Horseman cited knee replacement surgery. The brain struggles to perceive the area below the operative site post-surgery, akin to a brick wall blocking the brain’s ability to recognize that part of the body, leading to movement difficulties.

Overlooked Aspects in Post-Operative Rehab

Post-operative rehab often neglects this crucial aspect of proprioception, focusing primarily on balance and range of motion, while overlooking the neurological disconnect between the foot or other area further away from the brain and the rest of the body.

Warning against Neglecting ‘Remapping’

He warned that patients who have not undergone ‘remapping’ or brain reconnection after surgeries are likely to suffer movement deficits. These, if ignored for long, can evolve into brain-based issues such as hemispherecity and Dysautonomia, leading to serious health problems.

The Importance of Considering All Aspects of Recovery

As our understanding of the human body and brain evolves, Dr. Horseman’s insights underscore the importance of considering all aspects of post-surgery recovery. Post-operative brain reconnection is not just a fascinating study subject but could revolutionize patient recovery.

Upcoming Insights

Stay tuned for more from Dr. Horseman’s seminar series, as we will continue to go deeper on the topics that help clients better understand the science behind brain-based therapies, and how they can be integrated into a holistic approach to recovery and wellness.

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