Principles of Posture and Scoliosis Education

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Dr. Horseman recently sat down with Carion Fenn on Health 180 for two great discussions to educate and bring awareness to health issues related to posture and the spine. In these two 30-minute conversations you'll learn all about spinal health and posture correction along with many tips you'll be able to apply right away. [...]

Possible Concussion Therapies – A Discussion by Dr. Ian Horeseman

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Okay so once we have your proper diagnosis, we know exactly what's happening inside your head, literally, we try to figure out the best plan of attack as far as therapies go. We design a program for you both here and at home so that you can get the most out of [...]

Concussion, Getting the Proper Diagnosis

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High I’m  Dr. Ian Horseman I'm so happy that you found us on the web and if you're interested in concussion therapy, I just want to tell you a little bit about it. We’re  going to be showing you in this video some different therapies that we have, and also some great [...]

New Concussion Seminar in Seattle, Washington

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Hi, I’m Dr. Ian Horseman and I’m excited to tell you about the new concussion seminar in in Seattle. The  date is November 2 and 3,  and will be from 9am to 6pm.  And then on Sunday from 9am to 1pm. night The fourth seminar in our series is on the eyes, [...]

Digital Detox

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Technology is a hard thing to give up even for a few hours and for a lot of people, it’s just impossible. Depending if your job requires you to be on your phone, using the computer or looking at an electronic, taking a digital detox might be just right for [...]

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What the heck is tech neck?

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Technology is a huge part of life now. It’s everywhere! It’s in your jobs working on computers, it’s at social events and it’s at home playing games on your tablet. However, most people don’t realize is that the more you are on your device the greater possibility you have in [...]

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What is a QEEG?

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Brain Therapy Clinic is proud to announce that we have a new piece of brain mapping technology in the Clinic. Over the past few months, the QEEG has been put to work detecting the areas in the brain that were affected by the injury.  Many people have asked us, what [...]

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Signs Of A Concussion

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Did You Know That September 21st Is Concussion Awareness day? Serious head injuries such as concussions or post-concussion syndrome can still be felt long after the injury has occurred. Being able to recognize signs of a concussion can often be difficult to detect. Concussions are surprisingly a very common injury that many people [...]

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