Signs Of A Concussion

Did You Know That September 21st Is Concussion Awareness day?

Serious head injuries such as concussions or post-concussion syndrome can still be felt long after the injury has occurred. Being able to recognize signs of a concussion can often be difficult to detect.

Concussions are surprisingly a very common injury that many people suffer from. It’s important to recognize signs of a concussion. Even a small concussion can cause long-term adverse health effects.

This article focuses on how you can identify the signs of a concussion. To learn more about concussion treatments click here.

If you continue to suffer from headaches/migraines long after you have sustained a concussion click here to learn more!

Here are the details of what this article will cover:

  • What are the signs of a concussion?
  • What is post-concussion syndrome and signs of post-concussion syndrome?
  • Return to play protocol and concussion screening

Signs of a Concussion

Here are some signs of a concussion you should watch for when the injury has occurred.

1. Feeling dazed and confused
2. Feeling nausea or vomiting
3. Dizziness
4. The feeling of pressure in the head/ a headache
5. Memory loss (doesn’t remember the event happening)
6. Fatigue
7. Ringing in the ears
8. Slurred speech
9. Loss of consciousness

Try to remember that you do not have to lose consciousness to sustain a concussion.

Friday, September 21st is dedicated to concussion awareness. Concussions can happen to all people from all walks of life and being able to recognize the signs of a concussion is extremely important. You could be an athlete, an elderly person, or even a young child. If left untreated, concussion symptoms can be still felt long after the injury has occurred causing headaches/migraines, balance issues, vision problems, and changes in behaviour like mood swings and depression.

Did you know, that indications of a concussion won’t always show up immediately after the injury? Often times you will notice signs of a concussion; hours, days or even weeks after the injury has happened. It’s important to seek medical professionals when noticing symptoms such as:

1. Changes in mood or behaviour
2. Sensitivity to sound or light
3. Change in sleep patterns

What is Post-concussion syndrome?

Post-concussion syndrome is the after-effects of a concussion. It’s common to completely miss the signs of a post-concussion due to the symptoms only appearing 7 days after the injury has occurred.  Then often they go away within 3 months or so. These after-effects can be felt long after the injury has happened sometimes up to a year after the injury has happened, these signs are…

  • Feeling dazed and confused
  • Dizziness
  • The feeling of pressure in the head/ a headache
  • Fatigue
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Slurred speech

Dr. Ian Horseman has over 2,700 hours in neurological at the Ph.D. level. Dr. Horseman has tirelessly studied concussions over the years in such areas as neurology courses in traumatic brain injury and vestibular system therapies, specifically concussions, degenerative brain disease, headaches, balance and gait, vertigo and numerous brain-based conditions.

Using state-of-the-art technology Dr. Horseman and the staff at the Posture Clinic have helped over 300 athletes, children and elderly individuals get back to work, participate in sport and back to their daily lives.

Concussion screening is important for those who are playing high contact sports, the data will be stored for future baseline testing. A concussion screening test is a baseline test for your brain to set a standard in which you can compare it to detect a concussion. For girls, the most common sport for concussions is soccer and for boys, the most common sport for concussions to happen is football or hockey.

It’s important to get a concussion screening before the season starts. At the Posture Clinic, the concussion screening testing data will be stored up to 2 years for future baseline concussion testing.

The process of diagnosing a concussion can often time be difficult due to the symptoms being delayed.

Return To Play Protocol

At the Posture Clinic, our step-by-step concussion protocol includes:

1. Forming a concussion diagnosis
2. Treatment
3. Return to practice without contact or return to work (light/small shifts)
4. Return to play
5. Follow up on progress
6. Test Results such as balance testing coordination processes skills, motion guidance systems, tracking eye movements and reaction time.

Click below to get a sneak peek on how Dr. Horseman and his team help treat those with concussions and other brain injuries !

It's a no brainer, get tested

A few years ago I was in a very bad car accident. Another vehicle ran into the side of my car as I was driving and flipped my car over. I was lucky to have survived but was left with a tremendous amount of pain. I suffered daily from constant migraines, back and neck pain. I was forced to stop working due to the accident and the pain I was in. It was at that point I knew I needed to fix what was “broken.” With some fortunate luck, my husband and I managed to find Dr. Horseman and the Posture Clinic. The first day I showed up at the Posture Clinic, I went home feeling better about my situation. I felt like there may be some hope for me after all. I decided to continue treatments there for a full year. I remember the neck and back pain quickly disappeared, and I was able to move around a lot better. I slowly began to feel normal (like my old self) for longer periods of time and symptomatic for shorter periods of time. After a while, my migraines became few and far between. And what was once migraines became manageable headaches. I can now say that my migraines are a thing of the past. If and when I do get a headache, it is quite manageable. I no longer have to stay up all night in pain and discomfort. The best part is that my husband is happy as well because he no longer has to worry that I am in pain and he can sleep now too. I am proud to say that I am officially back to work and able to take on whatever life throws at me. Thanks, Dr. Horseman!

Sandra F.

After my daughter fell and banged her head in gym class last year, it became apparent something was wrong. Her coordination became a huge issue for her. She became clumsy, dropping items and hitting her toes on things. She had her eye movements tested on a machine at the Posture clinic, and from this, they found her eyes were not tracking correctly. Over the course of visits to the clinic, we started to notice a change in coordination. She told us she was starting to feel better. Since the initial visit, we have noticed many changes in her ability to perform certain coordination exercises they have given her. I noticed a huge difference when she walks now. I no longer have to worry about her stubbing her toe. I am more than willing to continue treatments at the Posture Clinic as I continue to see a steady progress as the days go by.

Donna L.

After suffering a head injury, I was told that I had post-concussion syndrome. I was often dizzy, nauseous, and suffered from frequent headaches, especially when I tried to do any physical activity. I had always been very active before the injury and these symptoms made it very hard, if not impossible to continue to participate in the sports and activities I used to love so much. I did tons of research on the subject of post-concussion syndrome and stumbled upon the Posture Clinic’s website. After meeting with their staff and discussing my issues, I decided to proceed with their treatment plan. Thankfully I did, because it was there at their clinic, that I finally regained hope of playing sports again and living the life I had once enjoyed. After a few sessions at Brain Therapy Clinic, I began to notice an improved sense of balance. I also noticed my headaches and pain begin to decrease. After a few months of treatment, the worst of my symptoms had either been significantly reduced or were gone entirely, to the point where I was able to return to athletic pursuits. Brain Therapy Clinic provided immediate results that had been so elusive after months of searching and almost giving up entirely on ever returning to an active lifestyle. I would highly recommend their services to anyone suffering from post-concussion syndrome who wishes to return to both sports, and their previous state of mind.

Daniel C.

In December 2016, I was hit into the boards while playing hockey. I hit my head straight on, and after that, I remember very little. Within the next few months, I had consistent headaches, dizziness, and lights and loud sounds drove me crazy. Thankfully, I saw Dr. Horseman! Both he and the staff kept a close watch on my progress and encouraged me to take some time off of hockey until I was feeling better. They explained to me that if I kept playing, things could get worse or even permanent. With some help from their treatments, I am feeling much better and playing hockey again.

Ryan E

Last winter I fell and hit my head while going down some stairs. I thought everything was ok but about a week later I started to feel off. Sounds and balance became a real problem for me. I work in a casino and all the crowds and machines agitated my head. It became so bad that I had to stop work. I found the Posture Clinic and within the first few treatments, my balance started to improve. Eventually, sounds were no longer a problem. I was back to work by the end of my treatments. I am thankful that I sought out treatment at the Posture Clinic.

Robert M

A couple of years ago, I suffered a head injury. I was riding a bike and it a pothole and flipped over my handlebars. I hit my head pretty badly and did some serious damage to my face and neck. After the incident, I suffered horrible headaches, became sensitive to bright lights. I would forget things very easily or often find it hard to process my words. Because of this, I often felt embarrassed and out of place in social situations. I became depressed and shut people out of my life. It took me two years to seek the treatment that I desperately needed. I decided to give the Posture Clinic a try, after bumping into an old friend who told me about the clinic and some of the treatments she had received there herself. After my first treatment with Dr. Horseman and his staff, I left with the feeling that I had made the right choice and had found the place that was going to help me transform my life back to normal. After a few treatments, the pressure in my head began to dissipate. After some time I began to notice my balance was improving, and my body felt straight and aligned for the first time in 2 years! I am happy to say that bright lights are no longer an issue for me and I can finally go outside enjoy the sunshine. Dr. Horseman also managed to fix my neck which has helped my headaches and neck pain tremendously. I would highly recommend the Posture Clinic to anyone who is in search of relief and suffering from head and neck injuries.

Kayla S.