High I’m  Dr. Ian Horseman I’m so happy that you found us on the web and if you’re interested in concussion therapy, I just want to tell you a little bit about it. We’re  going to be showing you in this video some different therapies that we have, and also some great testing that we have.

In our world the most important part is to get the proper diagnosis, where the brain is injured and why you’re having the symptoms that you’re having. Symptoms like depression, anxiety, light and sound sensitivity, concentration issues, difficulty reading, hard to be in cars, not able to sleep at night, being able to have a conversation with more than one person, being able to balance a lot of balls in the air. It’s very difficult when you have a concussion

So we try to isolate with all the equipment that were showing exactly where your problem is and then what we do is we do therapeutic testing to see if the treatments that were able to provide you are going to be effective. In other words we don’t keep you here unless we know we’re going to be helpful.

Another big part as we look at the eyes the eyes are very unique, it goes through every single part of our  brain. So do the eyes move properly, are they metric in other words to they hit their targets, are they keeping up with the targets. When you move your head do your eyes move appropriately or in the opposite direction. We also look at your brain waves with the QEEG and how that works is were simply looking at our your brain waves appropriate for someone your age and your sex.

We look at balance, which is a key and crucial component, because without balance, it’s the cornerstone of everything. We look at how you walk, we look at your posture. We look at many many different parameters. And from all those things we assign a program that works best for you.